Crowd Funding

Originally submitted by Peter Jeffery from the Economic Development Unit.

Hi, I have been asked about crowd funding by a local business person with a clever new idea. I’m interested to hear peoples experiences … good, bad or otherwise. Please respond in the comments below.


  1. I know a few who have had success
    Danielle Snowden – Nerdy Birdy
    Hebron Films – Cycling TV show
    The Discovery Centre – Operational
    The Community Foundation – Big Give
    Ian McBurney – Live Ecological
    There is probably a few i’ve missed. good place to start though Pete

  2. One thing for sure is that it’s only going to get bigger – and represents a big swing towards bottom up development as tne crowd helps bring to life things that only the elite and well resourced could do before. A great book on this is

    I’ve used crowd funding to launch two SAAS startups in the last 2 years. Outlined my step by step method I followed right here