Originally submitted by Bolton’s Workwear Direct

Use these steps as a guide to increase your uniform’s branding performance and note some handy tips and tricks in getting the most out of your uniform.

1. Have You Considered the Purpose of Your Uniform?

Would you buy a designer shirt for a once off sports event? It’s important to consider the purpose, frequency of use, style, fit, fabric and corporate branding when selecting a uniform.
In addition to the above factors also keep in mind that the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean the “Best Value for Money” – it’s important to consider the “cost per wear” factor in your choices

2. What defines the Suitability of Your Uniform?

You know your business better than anyone, so it’s important for you to consider what uniform is best for you and your employees, it is after all a walking advertisement for your business.
Ask yourself this:
  • Do I need male and female garments/styles?
  • What colours or patterns will optimise my brand?
  • Does the style and size range work for my employees?
  • Consider fabrics that will be most appropriate for the employees and their tasks.
  • What image do I wish to present for my business?

3. Making it Easy for Your Staff to Maintain = Keeping Optimum Appearance.

As a walking marketing tool for your business and potentially your largest advertising expense, it’s important that your uniforms are always looking their best and the key to this is ease of laundering – if you select garments that require little to no effort to have them looking at their best your business will always have a premium appearance.
Eg: 100% cotton can equal 100% comfort, however 100% cotton can also equal consistent ironing, specific washing and drying requirements to maintain premium condition.
Low maintenance fabric blends can be a great option or even some of the new cool breathe synthetics that are in the marketplace.

4. Consider Your Logo When Selecting Your Uniform.

Your organisations logo is important in re-enforcing your brand so it’s critical to consider some factors in regard to garment/branding selection when constructing a uniform range.
  • Does the garment colour compliment your logo design?
  • Location and size of logo on garment.
  • Do all garments require a logo eg: Shirt, Pant, Skirt etc.?

What method of logo application suits your selected garment – e.g. some high stretch fabrics don’t lend themselves to embroidery and would be better branded using alternate means (e.g. screen printing)

5. What is Your Uniforms Life Cycle – In Other Words How Long do You Want This “Look”

Everyone has a different approach to this and it depends on the organisation. Defining how long you wish to maintain this appearance/style can help with garment selection.
Consider the following:
  • Are you looking for on trend or traditional – this should align with your marketing approach, it’s fair to say that Traditional styling will have a longer uniform Life.
  • Fashion trends change regularly and therefore may drive frequent changes in garments.
So, when finalising your uniform selection remember these steps, as careful planning and consideration will lead to maximising the impact of your uniform/branding therefore leaving a lasting impression of your organisation.
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